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Sarah Coleman

I am a self-taught basket maker from Dennistown, Maine, just north of Jackman. I started making baskets in 1991 to give to family members as a unique gift and as more and more people saw them a small hobby grew. 


Each basket is unique both in shape and  antler origin.  The antlers are obtained from various sources, yard sales, shops, hunters, friends and occasionally one is brought home by the family dog.  Antlers are naturally shed each year and as such are a renewable resource. An animal is never sacrificed by me just for the sake of these baskets. I prefer to think that this is another way to utilize a part of the animal that may otherwise be discarded. 


Each antler is unique, and their graceful arches and number of tines determines both the shape and the size of a basket.  The material I use in making my baskets maybe brown ash from Maine or reed derived from rattan from Indonesia or a combination of both. I may also add some sea grass that reflects the beautiful nubby texture on the shaft of the antler.  I find it very satisfying to make something so useful and beautiful out of discarded and ordinary things.  With proper care these baskets should provide a lifetime of enjoyment and hopefully a family heirloom.  Enjoy!

Sarah Coleman
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