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Pam Ewing

I grew up in central Maine and have always had an interest in handcrafting, dabbling in everything I could find supplies for in our small town.  This interest continued and evolved during my 25 years working in business management in the Boston area.

My work with glass began when I discovered the artists at the Worcester Center for Crafts when seeking unique pieces to include in beaded objects and jewelry that I created as gifts for others.  I attended classes there and at Diablo Glass School in Boston in lampworking and fusing.  Fusing requires placing glass in a kiln and heating it to 1500 degrees, allowing the glass to soften and fuse together. 

I find the science involved in the transformation of the glass to be fascinating, especially when using dichroic glass which is the main element of much of my jewelry.  It can display multiple different colors depending on lighting conditions. 

I returned to Maine to live in Embden in 2016 and make my jewelry in my home where we have a view of the Western mountains.

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