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John Alsop

John Alsop 3.jpg

I have painted, drawn and doodled since I was young. In high school I hid out in the art studio to maintain sanity and went on to major in art at Colby College. I am largely self-taught because, regrettably, when I was in school painting skills were not emphasized. To do your own thing was the spirit of the day.


I live in the upper Kennebec River valley and paint what is around me; landscapes, objects, food, road scenes, recollected drive-bys, dogs and whatever else strikes my fancy. Mostly I paint in oils and watercolors.


I am now retired from a 41-year stint as a lawyer. I spend a lot of my time canoeing, skiing, gardening, logging, building, driving to and fro, and puttering about the house where I have a small studio with a makeshift gallery and garage.

I am also a Registered Maine Guide and enjoy taking parties of plein air painters up into the West Branch/Chesuncook and southern Allagash regions on canoe/painting expeditions.

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