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Joe Kennedy

My art evolved from my plumbing trade. Beyond plumbing is a merging of the two, tethered together, a symbiotic relationship of two worlds.  The old world is orderly, familiar and predictable. New world is exciting, unknown and unexplored.  The trade offers technical experience and most of the material....leftover parts, scrap and hundreds of related items that become amusing, engaging and thoughtful pieces of sculpture.

The word BEYOND is used to signify a few things. I continually experiment with the inclusion of found objects, especially glass.  It represents the water that once flowed and, used in a variety of modes, that elevates the art form resulting in a style that I claim as my own.

Eventually I discovered steam punk art and was very surprised and happy to see that my work dovetailed sweetly with that realm but it is also distinctly mine. 

I delight in the emergence of the whimsical and enchanted fantasy world of steam punk.

I find much joy seeing relics of a useful past whose time has ended, be reborn again too serve us in a different but fulfilling way.

While you study each piece with its shine and gleam and quirkiness you may find yourself, like me, transcending to another place and time, surprised and delighted. I want to make you smile

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