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Claudia Diller

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I am a professional graphic designer/illustrator, and have been enthralled by Maine’s mountains, farms, and the fishing communities on the coast and the islands ever since I summered in Skowhegan as a teenager over 60 years ago.


Essentially self-taught, my work is simply a diary of the way I see Maine and an attempt to preserve those places I find unique and dear, but nearly impossible to depict. Other times, my sketches are just mental meanderings and musings while thinking about my two beautiful children and three grandchildren, weeding my gardens, hiking the mountains, skiing or sailing off the coast. 


I have lived in Maine for over 50 years and currently reside in Kingfield, Maine where I write and paint a weekly blog and paint my annual art calendar and note cards. I have written and illustrated one book and illustrated four others.

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