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Silver Beehive Studio
Stephan Mitman

After earning a BFA in ceramics at Michigan State University, I moved to Maine with my wife Christi and purchased 68 acres where we have built our homestead and jewelry studio.  For over 3 decades I was a K-12 public school art teacher helping thousands of students discover and develop their creative potential. Now I am a full-time studio artist making, failing, growing, sharing, and teaching out of the studio here in the mountains of Western Maine. 


My studio practice consists primarily of two jewelry mediums, the 6,000-year-old technique of lost wax casting which I use to create unusual cast silver rings and earrings, and the less than 10-year-old emerging technique of mushroom mycelium jewelry fabrication which I use to grow, layer, and sculpt necklace and earring forms. 


My work fits neatly in the “Atomic Deco Barbie” style which is influenced by eclectic visual elements from pop culture such as Barbie combs, the Jetsons, as well as the mountains, forests, mycelium, and the intersection of the natural and human-made worlds. I am, perhaps, most obsessed with the creative process of discovering, growing, and testing new ideas in the studio.

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