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Maine Wool & Wire

Lee E. Cart

Inspired by the weaving created by my maternal grandmother (who died before I was born), I taught myself to weave on a handmade plywood table loom at the age of sixteen. After I finished creating a set of placemats for my mother, I was hooked on weaving and set about saving up money to buy a bigger, better loom. Forty-plus years later, I am still weaving on the forty-inch, eight-harness floor loom I purchased in my youth. I love the interplay of colors in my warps and wefts and draw inspiration from the natural world, whether it’s the purple-blue-grays of a mussel shell or the deep reds, oranges, and dark greens of the trees in fall in Maine. When I’m not weaving, I write, create surface pattern designs, garden, and play with my grandchildren, as well as travel to Hawaii and Mexico to visit family. 

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