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Maiden Maine

Paula Phillips
Paula Phillips3.jpg

I have been knitting for about ten years.  I bought three sheep eight years ago and have them boarded on a wonderful farm in Sumner Maine.  They can be sheared twice a year.  We skirt, clean, and card the wool then have it professionally spun.  I love to knit; I am not great at spinning, so I leave that to the professionals.  I am proud to have the opportunity to knit a product that is locally sourced here in the state of Maine.  

I knit, felt, then needle felt mittens and fingerless mittens as well as clutches and bags that highlight the love I have for my sheep. 

My hobby is photographing nature here in the state of Maine capturing the beauty of everyday birds, animals, and landscape.  Most of my pictures are taken while hiking or kayaking then there is the occasional back yard companion who come to visit.  I compile my favorite shots into cards so that customers can send a beautiful picture of the state we love to live in.  Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a card in the mail?  

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